M101, Pinwheel Galaxy & SN 2023ixf (supernova)

6 June, 2023
mono broadband galaxy

Acquisition Details

NGC 7000 Lum. Red Green Blue
Frames 55 18 15 15
Exp. Time 300s 300s 300s 300s
Flats 20 20 20 20
Flat Darks 20 20 20 20
Darks Master      

Final Masters

Blue, pretty out of focus


This is Messier 101, also known as the Pinwheel Galaxy. After the discovery of a recent supernova, SN 2023ixf, I decided to give this target a try with my wide angle RedCat 51.

Could use a larger focal length but pretty content with this one as the skies are getting shorter and less dark these days, resulting in less available exposure time. Also frames were shot during full moon causing some colored background gradients and loss of signal.

The image below shows a high contrast visual of the annotated M101 and its supernova.

SN 2023ixf, annotated, high contrast

🔭 Clear skies!

Astrometry Calibration

Astrometry Job 7834990
Center (Dec, dms) +54° 19’ 03.514”
Center (RA, Dec) (210.777, 54.318)
Center (RA, hms) 14h 03m 06.385s
Pixel Scale 1.56 arcsec/pixel
Radius 1.654 deg
Size 2.34 x 2.34 deg

Data Processing

Processing was done in PixInsight only. Steps of the process are listed below:

  1. Weighted Batch PreProcessing,
  2. DynamicBackgroundExtraction
  3. ChannelCombination,
  4. HistogramTransformation
  5. Masked appliance of NoiseXTerminator and CurvesTransformation
  6. Final adjustments in Photoshop.