NGC 2237, The Rosette Nebula

16 February, 2023
mono broadband nebula

Acquisition Details

NGC 2237 Luminance Red Green Blue
Frames 95 27 20 29
Exp. Time 120s 120s 120s 120s
Darks master      

Final Masters



Roses are red and violets are blue, this rose-like nebula’s glowing a very red hue; Rosette Nebula (also known as Caldwell 49). Shot it without an Hα-filter so it took me some more hours of integration. Wasn’t the warmest type of weather but I’m glad we’re having clear skies again!

Shot this one is for my girl and our 11 years together.

Astrometry Calibration

Astrometry Job 7186559
Center (Dec, dms) +04° 54’ 10.225”
Center (RA, Dec) (97.964, 4.903)
Center (RA, hms) 06h 31m 51.314s
Pixel Scale 3.12 arcsec/pixel
Radius 1.745 deg
Size 2.39 x 2.54 deg

Data Processing

Processing was done in PixInsight only. Steps of the process are listed below:

  1. Weighted Batch PreProcessing,
  2. DynamicBackgroundExtraction,
  3. MultiscaleLinearTransform (using star masks), 4ChannelCombination (RGB),
  4. ImageSolver,
  5. PhotometricColorCalibration,
  6. BlurXTerminator,
  7. HistogramTransformation
  8. RGB + Luminance merging and curves adjustments were done in Photoshop. No color adjustments applied, only vibrance and saturation.