NGC 7000, The America Nebula

13 July, 2023
mono narrowband nebula

Acquisition Details

Frames 60 54 60
Palette Red Green Blue
Exp. Time 180s 180s 180s

Final Masters

Sulfur (SII)
Hydrogen (Hα)
Oxygen (OIII)


The North America Nebula, also ✨ NGC 7000 ✨. I captured it about a year ago using my Canon 70D DSLR but decided to finally pull the trigger and get some narrowband filters for my ASI533mm Pro.

Shooting targets like this with narrowband filters will create the posibility to create images with a more Hubble-like color palette than shooting broadband (visual spectrum; what you see is what you get) images which result in a more red’ish looking image.

Hubble Color Palette

Pillars of Creation Pillars of Creation by the Hubble Telescope

If you’d like to create a narrowband image and want to follow the Hubble palette, you’d assign narrowband as SHO instead of HOO/HSO.

  • Sulfur to Red
  • Hydrogen to Green
  • Oxygen to Blue

Astrometry Calibration

Astrometry Job 8199017
Center (Dec, dms) +44° 22’ 18.378”
Center (RA, Dec) (314.678, 44.372)
Center (RA, hms) 20h 58m 42.628s
Pixel Scale 1.56 arcsec/pixel
Radius 1.750 deg
Size 2.47 x 2.48 deg

Data Processing

Processing was done in PixInsight only. Steps of the process are listed below:

  1. ChannelCombination (SHO),
  2. BlurXTerminator,
  3. SPCC,
  4. Color Calibration for evening the SHO levels,
  5. DarkStructureEnhance,
  6. StarXTerminator (splitting stars and background),
  7. Masking and denoising applied to background layer using NoiseXTerminator,
  8. Boosting and adjusting colors and saturation,
  9. Recombining front and background using PixelMath,
  10. EZ Star Reduction,
  11. Final tweaks…